PhD blues: Mental health and the PhD student

@JessicaMcdnld on why we should talk about the PhD Blues: Mental Health and the PhD Student

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PhD blues. Second year slump. Impostor syndrome. Thesis depression. Most PhD students will have heard these phrases and used them, jokingly, to describe the PhD experience. Mental illness is a very real problem which is rarely spoken about in relation to post-graduate study. The isolation, stress and pressure to succeed experienced by many PhD students are not exactly conducive to positive mental health, but mental health problems and how to support those experiencing them is not openly discussed. Following some tweets I posted on World Mental Health Day discussing mental illness and doing a PhD, I was amazed by the response from other PhD students who had experienced mental health problems and varying levels of support from their institutions and universities. Clearly this is an issue which speaks to many PhD students.

Why should we talk about PhDs and mental health? It is widely acknowledged that doing a PhD is…

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